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The Best Roads In Surrey To Practise On Before Your Driving Test

Getting ready to sit your driving test means putting in plenty of practice.

You’ll want to perfect the manoeuvres and get used to driving in a number of different conditions.

However, you’ll find practising easier if you do it in the right place – just remember to stick on your L plates! Here are our favourite roads in Surrey for you to get out on:

Slyfield Industrial Estate, Guildford

The industrial estate 2.1 miles north of Guildford has a smooth road surface with plenty of lay-bys for you to pull over. The best time to go is after 6pm when most workers have gone home and the roads are quiet. With wide avenues and hundreds of parking spaces, you can get in a decent amount of practice without a fellow driver sounding the horn at you.

Best for: Practising manoeuvres.

Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot

Set in a secluded spot, you’ll be free to put your driving skills to the test. There is a good circuit with roundabout, turns, hill starts and more. Just 2 miles north-west of Aldershot, you can get in a decent drive on the way back too.

Best for: A practice run before your test

Bishopsford Road, Sutton

This wide, busy road to the east of Morden is great for more experienced learner drivers who are close to sitting their test. It gives you the experience of being a fully qualified driver, with busy traffic, lots of distractions, multiple lanes and roundabouts. This is also a popular route for Sutton driving examiners, so one to check out!

Best for: Experienced learner drivers

Brighton Road, Reigate

Get the real experience of busy roads and dual carriageways on Brighton Road which runs from Sutton in the north to the M25 in the south. The road is busiest during commuting and working hours and on Saturdays. We’d recommend driving on Brighton Road on a Sunday or on weekdays after 7pm.

Please remember to turn off Brighton Road before you reach the M25; learner drivers are only permitted on motorways under the supervision of a qualified driving instructor.

Best for: Dual carriageway experience

Guildford Road, Chertsey

This single lane road runs from Chertsey in the north to Ottershaw in the south. Remember to be careful if you want to practice overtaking, and that the speed limit on a single lane road is 60mph. Start out in Chertsey and drive along Guildford Road to Ottershaw where you can practice some manoeuvres, then return back to Chertsey. All in, this will take you the best part of an hour.

Best for: Driving from town to town

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