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Three Tips For A Three-Point Turn

With roads in London often congested, it’s important to know how to do a three-point turn, safely, efficiently and quickly to minimise causing further disruption to other motorists.

Here are three tips to remember to perform the perfect three-point turn.

One: safety first

This one sounds a little obvious, but when you’re turning in the middle of the road, it’s important to consider the safety of other road users, pedestrians and yourself. This will save you time as well as lives. The more you are prepared, the better, safer and quicker your turn will be.

So always check your mirrors and blind spots at least twice. Remember to put your handbrake on between gear changes to ensure that the car won’t roll, minimising disruption to other road users. Take the turns slowly to avoid chaos.

Three Tips For A Three-Point TurnTwo: efficiency is key

Never forget, practice makes perfect. The more you repeat the three-point turn, the better you’ll be. London is a busy, chaotic city.

If you lack the confidence to be able to do a three-point turn on a busy road, perhaps it might do you well to manoeuvre down a quiet side road such as a residential street. There you can take your time and do not have to worry about blocking other road users.

However, if you simply have to do a three-point turn on a busy road, ensure you give your vehicle plenty of space in which to move and ensure that other road users understand your intentions.

Three: get a move on

It might sound counter-productive, but the slower you move the quicker your turn will be, especially if you’re a new driver. Don’t let other road users distract or panic you, and ensure you take it slowly to avoid stalling, hitting the kerbs and generally causing a disruption on the road.

Think through each step as you take it, keeping a constant eye out for potential hazards.

So, remember that safety must come first not only to minimise injury but to save you time in the long run. Secondly, practice makes perfect, especially down a quiet street. Thirdly, take the turns slowly to ensure efficiency.

By bearing these three tips for your three-point turn in mind, you’ll minimise disruption to other motorists, ensuring everyone can get on with their day.

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