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3 Ways Your Driving Instructor Can Make You a Better Driver

3 Ways Your Driving Instructor Can Make You a Better Driver

As a driving instructor, they have to work extremely hard to persuade learners that they are the right choice when teaching them how to drive. As a learner driver, they’re putting their trust into what the instructor says is the right way to drive. So how can a driving instructor make you a better driver? […]

Driving Instructors: The Unsung Heroes of the Road

Driving Instructors: The Unsung Heroes of the Road

Many of us who drive cars can agree that we’ve been in a close call with another driver at least once. It is therefore imperative that we learn the basics of safe driving. For tips about what you can do to become a better driver, read on in this article. Stick to the speed limit […]

How To Change Gears Smoothly

So what can you do to make a lurching vehicle and grinding gearbox a thing of the past? Here is some sage advice and top tips.

Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission is a highly satisfying experience. It can be jarring, however, if you happen to get it wrong. All sorts of unfortunate noises can come from the car – screaming engine, grinding gears, and much more besides. Changing gear smoothly is also essential for the longevity of the vehicle. […]

What Are The Laws On Sharing The Road With Cyclists?

We are constantly reminded of the importance of staying fit and healthy, while also trying to care for the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Many people are making small alternations to their lifestyles by changing how they get to and from work. As such, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of […]

What Is An Assessment Driving Lesson?

What Is An Assessment Driving Lesson?

An assessment driving lesson is designed to allow both you and your potential driving instructor to get to know one another. If you have had driving lessons before, you already have experience behind the wheel. As such, your instructor needs to know how much experience, so they can tailor your lessons to your skill level. […]

Are Automatic Driving Lessons More Expensive?

Are Automatic Driving Lessons More Expensive 1

If you’re at crossroads trying to decide if you want to learn to drive using an automatic or a manual car, this guide will help you make an informed decision. The vast majority of British drivers aged between 16 and 19 learn in a manual car, with only around 40,000 of the 720,000 driving tests […]

What Questions Will I Be Asked During My Driving Test?

What Questions Will I Be Asked During My Driving Test

The rules surrounding the UK driving test are constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult to know exactly what will be expected of you during your test. Many learner drivers wonder if they will be asked any questions during the test. The answer to this is yes. Below we explore in more detail what you will […]

Improve Your Driving: Top Dos And Don’ts For New And Learner Drivers

Improve Your Driving

When you are learning to drive, it can seem like there is a lot of information to take in. Even when you pass your test, it’s easy to get confused at times. The most experienced of drivers make mistakes from time to time, so you are not alone! However, it is always best to stick […]

Passed Your Driving Test? Here’s What You Need To Remember

Passed Your Driving Test

If you’ve recently passed your test, first of all, a big congratulations – you’re well on your way to driving independence, and there’s no better feeling than getting that ‘pass’ at the end of a nerve-wracking test. So, now you’ve celebrated your achievement, and you’ve got the sign-off from your driving instructor, what’s next? Here […]

Why People Fail Their Driving Test


Only 21% of drivers pass the UK practical driving test on the first go, which is an incredibly low pass rate. So what’s tripping up the nation’s learner drivers? These are five of the most common driving faults in the UK: Inappropriate speed Not just speeding, which is something most drivers are aware of, but […]