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Law Change Allows Pre-Test Motorway Experience

Pre Test Motorway Experience

For some years there have been calls to allow learner drivers to go on UK motorways. The view was that this would give them a good grounding in what to expect when they pass their test. From 4th June 2018, the law changes to make this a reality in England, Scotland and Wales. However, there are […]

What Is A Graduated Driving Licence?

Graduated driving licences

Graduated driving licences (GDL) allow new drivers the opportunity to build their knowledge and driving skills over a period of time. This is done in different stages. The Department for Transport (DfT) has been investigating whether GDLs should be introduced in England, having already been introduced in Northern Ireland. The DfT will use this to […]

Everything Learner Drivers Should Know About The New Rules Regarding Motorways

The New Rules Regarding Motorways

Anyone who’s learning to drive should be aware that there are huge changes coming regarding the manner in which they are taught. This is because until now anyone who doesn’t hold a full driving licence has not been able to drive on the motorway. However, this is all set to change in what’s being described […]

Improve Your Driving: Top Dos And Don’ts For New And Learner Drivers

Improve Your Driving

When you are learning to drive, it can seem like there is a lot of information to take in. Even when you pass your test, it’s easy to get confused at times. The most experienced of drivers make mistakes from time to time, so you are not alone! However, it is always best to stick […]

Passed Your Driving Test? Here’s What You Need To Remember

Passed Your Driving Test

If you’ve recently passed your test, first of all, a big congratulations – you’re well on your way to driving independence, and there’s no better feeling than getting that ‘pass’ at the end of a nerve-wracking test. So, now you’ve celebrated your achievement, and you’ve got the sign-off from your driving instructor, what’s next? Here […]

Why People Fail Their Driving Test


Only 21% of drivers pass the UK practical driving test on the first go, which is an incredibly low pass rate. So what’s tripping up the nation’s learner drivers? These are five of the most common driving faults in the UK: Inappropriate speed Not just speeding, which is something most drivers are aware of, but […]

Why Has The Driving Test Increased To 20 Minutes?

There’s been a huge change to one of the exams that people have to pass if they want to earn their driving licence. While the multiple choice theory section will remain the same, alterations have been made to the practical test. These changes were first announced in April before the new rules officially came into […]

Tips To Look Out For With The Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception part of your driving test forms a key part of the driving theory test. Unfortunately, if you fail to deliver a satisfactory score, you could receive a fail, despite how well you may have performed on the rest of the test. Therefore it’s extremely important to know what to expect before you […]

Be Prepared For The Changes To The Driving Test

From December 2017, the driving test is going to change in four major ways. At Wimbledon Driving School we believe in helping you be prepared, so if you have your test booked on or after the 4th December, here’s what you can expect: Double the amount of independent driving Instead of ten minutes, this section […]

Why Is Using A Sat Nav In The New Driving Test?

From the 4th December 2017, the driving test will change to test pupils on much more realistic scenarios. One of these new additions to the test syllabus is following a sat nav as opposed to just following road signs. Despite this change, 1 in 5 test candidates will still be asked to follow the notice […]