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Why People Fail Their Driving Test

Only 21% of drivers pass the UK practical driving test on the first go, which is an incredibly low pass rate. So what’s tripping up the nation’s learner drivers?

These are five of the most common driving faults in the UK:

Inappropriate speed

Not just speeding, which is something most drivers are aware of, but also driving too slow. As a driver, you must always travel at a speed that is suitable for the road upon which you’re driving. Driving a lot slower than you need to is a common fault in learner drivers, and a frequent reason to fail a driving test.

Moving off safely
Another major offender: not having the car under full control when moving off from a stopped or parked position, or becoming a danger to others as you do so. Not only must you be observant, using your mirrors correctly and checking for blind spots, you must also ensure that you don’t cause another driver to change their direction or speed as you move off.

Lack of control when steering
Steering at the right time for the speed of your vehicle is essential when taking your driving test. Tight turns require lower speeds and appropriate gear selection in order to maintain road position and control of the car.

Lack of control when steering

Using your mirrors
A major reason for driving test failure comes about as a result of not checking your mirrors when required to do so. You must check your mirrors prior to changing either direction or speed and, of course, you are expected to act upon what you observe. It is essential that door and interior mirrors are both checked, particularly if you are changing lanes.

Observation whilst at a junction

By far the most common fault among drivers on their test is the lack of observation performed at a junction prior to emerging or turning onto a new road. Where necessary, be sure to give priority, and do not cause other drivers to alter their direction or speed. This fault includes failure to stop at a stop sign in order to perform the necessary observations.

Observation whilst at a junction

So what can be done to avoid these pitfalls on your driving test? Being aware of them is the first step, closely followed by having a good instructor. If you live in the London or Surrey area, then contact Wimbledon Driving School and let us set you on the right road to driving test success.

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