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Tips And Advice For Driving Around Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace, SE19, is an extremely popular area of South East London for commuters, due to its close proximity to Central London and its wide variety of shops, including the famous Crystal Palace Triangle that features an indoor second-hand and farmer’s market. There are also many stunning natural sites in the area, such as Crystal Palace Park, Stambourne Woods and Westow Park.

Therefore, irrespective of whether you have just moved to the area or whether you have lived in Crystal Palace your entire life, learning to drive is a great way to discover and explore these local sights at your leisure. To help you get started, listed below are some of the best driving tips and advice with regards to taking your practical driving test within Crystal Palace.

  1. Learn to drive on actual driving test routes

    The phrase “Practice makes perfect” may be a cliché but it is extremely relevant when learning to drive! Given that a recent Croydon Advertiser study revealed there is a 17% pass rate gulf between learners who were required to follow a tough route on their practical driving test and those who followed a more forgiving test route within the area, it can prove extremely useful to familiarise yourself with all of the practical driving test routes within Crystal Palace before taking your test.

    By working with a local driving instructor who has a seasoned knowledge of all of these local roads and the region in general, you can hone your skills and boost your confidence. So when you eventually take your driving test, you will be sufficiently prepared to tackle even the toughest test routes in Crystal Palace!

  2. Familiarise yourself with the layout of local roads

    During your practical driving test there will be an independent driving section wherein the examiner will ask you to follow road signs and navigate to a specific area. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you work with a local driving instructor who can help you familiarise yourself with local landmarks and traffic signs.

    This targeted practice will ensure you feel confident enough to navigate around Crystal Palace whilst taking your test, and that you will be able to rely upon this local knowledge once you have passed.

  3. Take advantage of mock tests

    Many driving schools in Crystal Palace employ driving instructors who provide students with extensive preparation prior to taking their test, which includes carrying out a mock practical driving test. We highly recommend that you take advantage of these types of mock tests because they will let you know what to expect upon taking your actual test.

    Not only will this process calm your nerves but it can also help you to consolidate your knowledge and highlight any areas of your driving that require additional practice. With this targeted support from a local driving instructor, you will be able to pass your test and be driving around Crystal Palace in no time at all.

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