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Popular Driving Test Routes In The Coulsdon Area

Popular Driving Test Routes In The Coulsdon Area

If you live in Coulsdon and are learning to drive then certain areas are likely to feature in your actual practical driving test route. Thankfully there are many local driving instructors who have been helping Coulsdon residents to learn to drive for many years and, as such, they have amassed a wealth of experience with regards to these particular driving test routes.

Therefore, if you have been considering learning to drive in Coulsdon then listed below are some of the areas with which we recommend you become familiar.

Rickman Hill

During your practical driving test it is highly likely that you will be asked to perform a hill start in addition to a parking manoeuvre. Many local Coulsdon driving instructors have found that Rickman Hill is an ideal route upon which you can practise performing these manoeuvres.

From parallel parking and three point turns to reversing round a corner and practising your hill starts, with the help of a local driving instructor you can practise these manoeuvres to your heart’s content in a quiet residential region.

The Clockhouse area

During your practical driving test you will need to demonstrate to your examiner that you can confidently control the speed of your vehicle with the clutch.

Over the years, numerous driving instructors have found that the residential Clockhouse area is a useful driving lesson route where you can hone these clutch control skills. What’s more, once you have mastered these fundamental skills the Clockhouse area is also ideal for practising your ability to move off from a stationary position, park in a safe place and carry out various reversing and parking manoeuvres without feeling intimidated by other drivers.

practical driving test route in Coulsdon

During your practical driving test you may also be required to emerge from a Clockhouse side road in order to demonstrate your ability to safely emerge and enter traffic. Consequently by being matched with a local driving instructor, who will carry out many of your lessons around the Clockhouse area, you will have plenty of time to practice these manoeuvres.

The Brighton road

During your practical driving test your examiner will assess your ability to anticipate the actions of other drivers and pedestrians at crossings and busy junctions.

This is a skill that Coulsdon examiners will often assess by instructing you to drive along the Brighton road, due to the fact that the Brighton road features a broad range of pelican crossings and staggered crossings amongst others.

Subsequently, it is important to ensure that your local driving instructor grants you plenty of practice along this busy Coulsdon road so that you will be sufficiently prepared to tackle this route prior to taking your practical driving test.

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