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Driving Test Routes For Croydon

Knowing the driving test routes: preparation is key

The right preparation for your driving test is essential, and revising the routes is a key part of this. Check out the main routes for Croydon below:

What to expect

Not all routes are created equal, although you should find that most routes require a similar level of competence. Individual routes focus on different skills though, so it pays to be familiar with them.

Your instructor is the best person to help you with this, and has been taking these routes in your lessons.

It is helpful to have a chat with your instructor about which routes you could improve on, and which are your strengths.

It is also a good idea to get some practice on tricky areas in your own time, so ask family members to help you.

Know your routes

The test routes are not published anymore, however, they take some well-trodden paths. Make sure you ask your instructor for the most up to date routes, as they are they will know.

You can also download test routes for Croydon on Google Maps, for some extra revision.

Other new drivers are a useful resource as well, as they have recent experience of the routes the test centres uses.

Best of all, have a look at our analysis below and make sure you revise the routes in plenty of time.

Study hard

Croydon focuses on routes 1 to 4, starting out on Canterbury Rd. Routes 1 and 3 take a right hand turn here, so make sure you are nice and calm as you start out.

Route number 4 is often seen as the most tricky, taking three consecutive roundabouts that start on Mitcham Rd, so get in the right lane and be confident.

Later on, there is a sharp bend on Galpins Rd, so take it slowly. Route 2 and 3 start out gently, with the roundabouts to test you towards the end, so don’t lose concentration and be certain to keep your cool.

Don’t let route number 1 catch you out with the mini roundabout on Queens Rd, and take it slowly.

You have finessed your clutch control and have finally managed a perfect hill start, but all your hard work will be wasted if you are not prepared for the routes your examiner might take.

Make sure you research, and good luck!

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