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Driving Test Routes For Morden

Knowing The Morden Driving Test Routes: Preparation Is Key

Like any good scout, your driving instructor knows that the key to passing your driving test is preparation. An important step in preparing for the test is to become familiar with the routes the examiner may take.

What to expect

The individual routes are roughly the same level of difficulty, but they are not all the same, and it is important you are prepared equally well for each of them.

Your instructor is there to help with this, and unbeknownst to you, has been taking you out on all of these routes in your lessons.

Have a chat with them in your next lesson about which routes are your strength, and which you can work on next.

If you are lucky enough to practice with family members, ask that they take you out on these specific routes to really hone your skills.


Know your routes

Although the routes are no longer published, you may find that your test takes one of the well-trodden routes.

Ask your instructor for common routes, or download a set of routes for Morden using Google Maps. It can also be useful to chat to other new drivers in your area, as they will have encountered the most recently used routes.

Use these as a rough guide when practising, and get to know them well by your test date.


Study hard

Routes number 6 to 10 are very common, so take a look at these. All starting on Tudor Drive, route 6 takes the Beverly roundabout, so be sure to practice this.

Route number 7 takes in a few roundabouts, culminating in the Mordon Hall Rd roundabout, and following the 1-way system on London Rd, so keep your eyes open and concentrate on road signs.

Route number 8 encounters the Southway crossroads towards the end, so be alert and slow down in plenty of time.

Route numbers 9 and 10 take in fewer roundabouts, but don’t let that make you lazy, they still have complex roads for you to navigate.

Route number 9, in particular, makes use of your right-hand turns and needs particular practice.

You have been working hard at parallel parking, and have finally conquered reversing into a parking space, but all your skills will be wasted if you are unprepared for the little quirks of the route your examiner takes.

Good luck with revision!

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