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Is It Easier To Learn How To Drive In An Automatic?

When you’re first looking at learning how to drive, it’s normal to feel a little nervous, as well as excited – after all, being in control of something that can cause so much damage when used in the wrong way is a big responsibility.

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However, when safety is taken seriously, there’s no doubt that knowing how to drive is a great skill to have.

Some people do find that, because of this, learning in an automatic car is the best option for them: without any gear changes to worry about, students often find themselves far more able to concentrate on what is going on around them while driving, while also taking note of their speed far more easily.

Another benefit of learning to drive an automatic over a manual is that, with only the brake and accelerator pedals to focus on, pupils seem to be able to learn to become competent drivers far more quickly – a big bonus if you’re in a hurry to get behind the wheel on your own feeling both competent and confident.

What’s more, if learning in an automatic is quicker for you, then the chances are you’ll need fewer lessons, helping to make what some consider to be a costly venture far cheaper.

Learning to drive in an automatic car is also perfect for those with restricted mobility due to illness or injury; otherwise potentially unable to get about independently, automatics may be a great solution for you if you find yourself struggling to move your legs and feet – after all driving with just two pedals makes far more sense when you only have two feet!

For some people, the thought of driving a manual car is scary, but this isn’t a fear that necessarily has to be faced.

Taking lessons in an automatic car can be a great solution for those who are struggling to learn how to use a clutch and gear stick – because let’s face it, hill starts and biting points can be hard concepts to grasp.

While it’s true that you won’t be legally allowed to drive a manual car with an automatic licence – despite being allowed to drive an automatic with a manual one – automatics are actually a popular option for drivers up and down the country, meaning that car prices won’t vary too much for both second hand and new buyers.

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