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Is It Easier To Do Manoeuvres In An Automatic Car?

With driving tests getting tougher due to recent changes in structure, more and more people are opting to learn in an automatic car as opposed to a manual one; without needing to learn about gear changes or clutch control, many students find that this style of driving is far easier to learn, allowing them to do so more quickly.

While it is unlikely you will fail your test for stalling a manual car, doing so may knock your confidence – especially if it should happen while you’re in the middle of a manoeuvre.

As you should already know by now if you’ve been looking into driving lessons, there are four manoeuvres that you need to be prepared for before you take your driving test: the turn in the road, parallel parking, bay parking and reversing around a corner – both to the left and right.

Any one of these may come up in your test, and most of our students find that manoeuvres are easier to do correctly and safely while in an automatic car; only having to focus on whether you’re going forwards or backwards when it comes to using the gear selector frees up your attention, allowing you to concentrate on the road around you.

Also note that, while all of these manoeuvres may seem daunting to begin with, with plenty of practice with the right automatic driving instructor, you should be able to carry them off with confidence and ease.

Without the need to learn clutch control, manoeuvres in an automatic car are far easier to get right, meaning that you may be more likely to learn quickly, so saving you money in both lessons and repeat tests.

For some learners with restricted mobility – whether due to injury or illness – learning to drive this way is the most feasible way of being allowed control of a car.

If you’re looking at learning how to drive in an automatic car and want more information, please feel free to contact us here at Wimbledon Driving School; with plenty of experience in teaching, and many happy students both past and present, we’re confident that we can help to get you on the road quickly.

Priding ourselves on providing a calm learning atmosphere, we know we’re able to get you through your test with you feeling confident in your driving abilities.

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