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Getting Around Richmond By Car

Getting Around Richmond By Car

Richmond is a suburb of London, just outside of the main city but still close enough that it enjoys fairly high footfall all year round.

Richmond is one of the wealthier areas of London, with a high number of rich residents, including celebrities such as Mick Jagger and David Attenborough. There is plenty to do and see, and driving around Richmond is generally a fairly relaxed experience.

There is plenty of public transport in Richmond. Underground services into Richmond are available on the District Line, and there are also train services. Because Richmond is not in the heart of the city, the roads here are not as busy as they are in Central London. This makes driving around much quicker and easier.

There is plenty of parking in the area; most of the attractions in or close to Richmond have car parks of their own.

The attractions in and around Richmond, including Kew Gardens, are another reason it is good to drive, as it means that you can see more of them and get there more quickly than if you were to take public transport. Taking the car also means you can fill the car up with goodies if you decide to do some shopping in the area, as Richmond is full of luxury brands and cool independent shops.

For international visitors, Heathrow Airport is less than half an hour away by car, and there are plenty of routes out to the rest of the UK via the M3 and M4, both of which are very close to Richmond. This makes the area easy to get to from almost anywhere in the UK if you decide to drive in.

If you can’t drive but fancy taking in the sights of this beautiful area by car, instead of relying on friends and family, you could always take some driving lessons of your own with the Wimbledon Driving School!

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