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Master London Road Junctions Like A Pro

Master London Road Junctions Like A Pro

With London’s mayor describing many of the city’s road junctions as “relics of the 60s”, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that they’re not just congested and no longer fit for purpose, but also potentially dangerous to both unwary cyclists and inexperienced drivers alike.

Any plans to reorganise and renovate London’s roads for the 21st century will take decades to implement, so how does the learner or novice driver gain confidence in negotiating the more notorious black spots in the meantime?

Good driving instructors are hard to find, but if you know that post-test you will be going into battle with London’s busy road junctions on a regular basis, narrowing your search becomes easier; you can choose the right driving school for you based on how appropriate where you learn to drive will be in terms of where you will end up driving after you pass your test. Going armed with a list of questions, such as whether you can take lessons during rush hour to give you confidence from the start, will also be useful.

Driving Instructor Training Lessons

Driver training isn’t just for those still sporting L-plates; if you learned how to drive in a quieter area, or you’re new to driving in London, it’s worth taking a few booster lessons to enable you to get to grips with what might be a very different driving experience to what you’re used to. Just like post-test motorway driving lessons, booster lessons in the capital develop your skills behind the wheel in an environment where you’ll need to be both sharp and confident to be a safe driver.

Whether you’re learning or already have your licence, don’t let your driving become as much of a relic as London’s outdated junctions – find a driving instructor to help you take your skills to the next level.

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