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If you are looking for manual or automatic driving lessons in London & Surrey, we’ve got the right highly qualified driving instructor for you.  We have both male and female instructors, so no matter what your preference is, we’re here to help you pass your driving test 1st time.  Call us on 020 3524 7968 to book your driving lesson today!

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When you are learning to drive we know that you need to have complete trust and confidence in your instructor, as you want to feel safe, as well as be a safe driver for those around you.

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Most frequent questions and answers

At Wimbledon Driving School, we’re proud to have driving instructors in both manual and automatic cars across London and Surrey.

We cover most areas in CR, TW, KT, SM, SW, SE & W  Postcodes, we’ve both male and female instructors ready and waiting to help you pass your driving test 1st time.

According to the Driving Standards Agency, an average of 47 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice is required to get through the test.


There are two parts to the driving test – the theory (approx £31) and the practical test (approx £62) – and you need to pass both to obtain a licence. If you don’t have your own car you will also need to account for hire costs on the day of your test also.


The fee paid to the DVSA is for the examiners time and does not include the use of a vehicle. Most driving schools offer hire to their learners but this is chargeable.

So you’re looking for prices for our driving lessons right?

We’ve got £35 First Basic Lesson* An Introduction To Driving Which Is Aimed For People With No Driving Experience. (Manual & Automatic).

Learn to drive on Your doorstep, around your current work commitments and benefit from unique local knowledge that will be invaluable when you come to take your driving test.

London Driving Lessons

Feeling comfortable with your driving instructor, and with their driving approach is something that is really important too, as you want to learn all you can in a way that works for you.

Our instructors at Wimbledon Driving School are all highly trained, as well as being friendly and approachable.

Having London driving lessons can mean a lot of traffic, but our team is professional and calm, even in the busy traffic, helping to put you at ease during your lessons.

Instructor and Student

One of the benefits of choosing Wimbledon Driving School is that we really value the instructor and student relationship as we know that it is so key to doing well.

So if you are interested in driving lessons with us, it is a good idea to first book in for a taster session, to get an idea of what your instructor is like.

If you want to change instructor, then we can easily make a swap.

We can pair you up with a male or female instructor too, depending on your preferences and what will make you feel most comfortable. All of our instructors are trained and qualified to the highest industry standards, with a range of teaching experience.

No matter whether you are learning to reverse around a corner or start the car on a hill, one of our team will be able to give you the best instruction around.

When you have an instructor that you are happy with, you can feel comfortable and confident, which will make the learning much easier.

With practice, good teaching, and encouragement from our expert instructors, you will find your way behind the wheel in no time at all.

We want to help you to pass first time, and that is more likely to happen when you’re happy with the learning setup.

Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons?

Learning to drive is a right of passage, and something that can benefit your life in a number of ways. It can also be a pretty exhilarating experience.

However, it will only be that way if you are learning to drive in a way that is the best choice for you. With us at Wimbledon Driving School you will have a choice to have manual driving lessons with our manual driving instructors or automatic driving lessons. Manual cars come with a gearbox that you as the driver control and need to change, in order to accelerate, slow down, or stop.

Manual cars are what the majority of cars in the UK are like.

Automatic cars have a gearbox that is automatic, so as the driver, you don’t have to change the gears as often.

There are more and more of them out on the road these days, so it is all about personal preference, which is something that we are more than happy to oblige with.

Not all driving schools offer this, so it is another great benefit of choosing us as your driving school.

If you choose to have automatic driving lessons then just like our manual ones, you will be taught the skills that you need so that you have the confidence to get out on the road and pass your test first time using an automatic car.

What else do we offer?

Not only do you have the choice of great instructors and manual or automatic cars, but you can also choose how you want to have lessons. We can offer lessons as often as you would like, and with no pressure to book a block of sessions, you can pay as you go.

However, we do also offer a five-day intensive driving lesson course, as well as a one-week intensive driving course, so if you want to do it quickly, you can be out on the road before you know it.

If you have passed your test but not driven for a while, or are new to driving in the UK, then we do also offer a course to help you get used to driving again, or get used to driving on London roads.

With our Fast Track intensive driving course it can be a great way to get the confidence that you need to get back on the road, and we can work around your schedule to fit it all in.

Get in touch with us for your taster London driving lesson today!

If you are looking for driving lessons in London and the Surrey area, we have got highly qualified and experienced driving instructors for you.

Whether you’d like to learn with a male or female instructor, we can help you to pass first time, and give you the confidence and knowledge that you need to get out there on the road.

Why not give us a call today on 020 3524 7968 to book in for your first taster driving lesson today?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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