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How Much Does It Cost To Become A Driving Instructor?

Becoming a driving instructor is a popular career move for people who want to work for themselves, enjoy teaching people new skills and love driving.

But the cost of becoming a driving instructor can put some people off from joining the industry, even though there is help on offer to those who want to get started on a budget.

Wimbledon Driving School subsidises your training costs to make it more affordable than ever to become a driving instructor.

But if you are just starting out, how much can you expect to spend?

The car

Wimbledon Driving School instructors are the best aroundThe car is the main expense potential driving instructors have to think about. A new car is a must, so the main decision is whether you opt to rent or to buy. Renting has the advantage of being able to upgrade to a new model easily each year, but many instructors prefer to buy.

Insurance is another factor to keep in mind. Car insurance of driving instructors tends to be considerably higher than for a typical motorist. You also need to think about repairs, maintenance and servicing in the total cost of running your car – this can all start to mount up.

Fuel will be another major expense to consider when becoming a driving instructor. The cost of petrol and diesel may have peaks and troughs but generally it is only going one way – up.

Remember that the amount of money you spend on your car will come out of your total income from driving instructor jobs. Driving instructor cars also tend to decline in value faster than the average vehicle too.


Advertising is one of the biggest expenses for new driving instructors, which is why attaching yourself to a driving school with an established name is such a good option for a lot of people.

You can be the best driving instructor in the area but if people do not know about you, you are not going to get enough business to make a reasonable living. You cannot expect to rely solely on word of mouth to build up your client base, although good instructors will get plenty of new learner drivers via recommendations.

Advertising is a major expense and even though there are free options – such as social media – the most effective advertising tactics tend to be the most expensive.

Of course, joining a driving school such as Wimbledon Driving School means you can avoid the costs of advertising when you become a driving instructor.


The cost of training is arguably the number one factor that can put people off from becoming a driving instructor, no matter how suited to the profession they may be.

Many driver instructor training courses cost thousands of pounds – and remember there is no guarantee you will qualify at the end of it. It also typically takes around 12 months to become fully qualified as a driving instructor, so factor in any loss of income you may experience in this time.

Furthermore, once your training is complete and you are ready to qualify, you have to pay for the approved driving instructor (ADI) test, as well as the associated registration fees. These are set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

The ADI part one test currently costs £83, part two is a further £111 and the final part is another £111. That’s around £300 in tests alone altogether – and this amount can quickly become much more if you do not pass all of the tests at the first attempt.

This is why, here at Wimbledon Driving School, we are committed to lowering training costs for new driving instructors, subsidising your training costs to get you on the road quickly.

Becoming a driving instructor can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career, so do not let the start-up costs put you off pursuing your dream.

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