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Intensive Driving Courses – Your Key To Driving Success?

Intensive Driving Courses – Your Key To Driving Success?

More and more drivers are turning to intensive driving courses to get through their driving tests. So what are the advantages, and how can they help you?

When you need to learn in a short time

Intensive courses are ideal if you don’t have months to spare. Intensive driver training can have you ready to take your test within weeks. The time saved by doing an intensive course is estimated to be around 30% compared to weekly lessons.

Make use of spare time

If you’re a student home for the holidays, then why not use the time to learn to drive? You might find it improves your job prospects after you graduate, as some jobs will require you to have a license – so, why not get ahead of the game?

You won’t forget between lessons

If you have driving lessons every week, chances are you’ll forget some of what you’ve learned in the intervening days. With an intensive course, you’re driving every day, so there’s much less chance of you losing the knowledge you’ve built up.

Save money on driving lessons

With an advanced course, you can stick to a budget, and it’s just one outlay for the tuition and test. With weekly lessons, it’s much harder to predict when you’ll be finished – things like work and holidays inevitably get in the way, so the costs can mount up over time.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driver training for learners

At Wimbledon Driving School, we have three different types of intensive driver training. For complete beginners, you’ll do three hours a day over 12 days to get you test-ready.

If you’ve already had some experience of driving as a learner, then we offer an intermediate eight day course. You could start off with weekly lessons and when you’ve got the hang of the basics, book on to the intermediate course to prepare for your test.

If you’re new to the UK, or you haven’t driven for a while, we can help you regain your confidence and get your UK licence quickly. Our intensive training for experienced drivers will have you up to speed in four days, practising for three hours a day.

All our intensive courses at Wimbledon Driving School are taught by experienced driving instructors who know how to get you confident behind the wheel quickly. Why not enquire today and see if our courses are just what you need to get you on the road?

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