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Preparing For Your Driving Test

Preparing For Your Driving Test

So you’ve booked your driving test, and the day is getting closer and closer. It’s a big day, so it’s absolutely normal to be nervous, but did you know there are lots of things you can do to prepare for the test and help to calm those nerves?


This one seems really obvious, but it’s absolutely the key to success. Your driving instructor will take you round the roads near the test centre, as they will know the routes that the examiners take. If there are any parts of the routes you find difficult, or are worried about dealing with on the test, ask your driving instructor to show you round them again, so you can familiarise yourself with tricky junctions and roundabouts, and look out for where you might be taken to do manoeuvres.

Don’t neglect the theory

You might not have picked the book up since you passed your theory test, but it can be a really useful refresher between lessons. Even if you can’t practice between driving lessons, you can still pay attention to the roads as a passenger – take note of signs and markings, and if you don’t recognise them, you can use your theory book to look them up.

Mock test

Your instructor should be able to take you through a mock test, so you get used to performing under test conditions. It might feel a little odd and formal at first with them not giving you any feedback, but remember, the goal of driver training is to make you an independent driver – you need to be able to make decisions on your own and drive safely.

Ask questions

Your instructor will do their best to inform you what to expect on the test, but if there’s something you’re worried about or don’t understand, always ask.

Preparation outside the car

Make sure you eat and sleep well the night before, and don’t forget to eat something light before the test. You might not feel like it if you’re nervous, but if your blood sugar is low, you can feel tired, irritable and shaky, and you might not perform at your best. Stay hydrated too, but go easy on the caffeine!

At Wimbledon Driving School, our experienced driving instructors can help you prepare for your test and give you tips on becoming the best driver you can be. Why not call us today on 020 3524 7968 and try us out for just £10?

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