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Learn To Drive In An Automatic Car

Taking driving lessons in a manual car does not suit everyone. It can be difficult to master the clutch and the gear transmissions, and this can result in a lot of stalling. All that concentration on the gears and clutch can make the learner driver tense and anxious, and this doesn’t help at all with acquiring the ability to control the car and drive with confidence.

The advantages of learning to drive in an automatic

One of the great benefits of going automatic is that is really is easier to learn, and you’ll most likely need fewer lessons before you are ready to pass the automatic driving test. You don’t have to worry about changing gear and can focus on all the other manoeuvres and tasks. Hill starts and turns in the road that rely on clutch control in a manual car will be significantly easier to accomplish.

An automatic driving licence is definitely to be considered for many reasons. If you’ve tried to learn in a manual and you’ve found you’re prone to stalling, this problem will be eliminated. It means that you won’t be a bag of nerves during the test, panicking about cutting out in the middle of a busy roundabout and earning a fail.

You’re probably going to need fewer driving lessons, which will reduce the costs of learning to drive. It can be safer to learn to drive in an automatic, and many do find them easier to drive.

If you are concerned about the emergency stop procedure in an automatic, there’s no need to worry. On being asked to perform the emergency stop, all you have to do is stop the car, pull on the handbrake and put the gear lever into park.

On setting off again, put the gear lever back into drive, make all necessary observations with your hand on the handbrake, then signal, release the handbrake and resume.

Any drawbacks?

It should be pointed out that if you pass your test and earn an automatic driving licence, you won’t legally be allowed to drive a manual car. You may also find your choice restricted when it comes to hiring a car.

These caveats aside; for those who find the issue of clutch control just too daunting, especially in busy, congested traffic, or for those who perhaps have a disability that makes changing gears problematic, an automatic is the ideal solution.

Learning to drive an automatic car could well be the faster route to getting you on the road, safe and happy.

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