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How To Pass Your Driving Test

Your driving test is a watershed moment in your life when you finally become mobile and are able to get around on your own.

Getting it right first time is the ultimate goal, so what can you do to increase your chances? here at Wimbledon Driving School, we’ve come up with some top tips.

Don’t Forget Your Theory

Many learners see the theory test as a bit of an abstract puzzle – something to be learned, solved and forgotten about.

It’s true that you only have to pass your theory test once, but the information in it can be vital to passing your practical test too.

The examiner is looking to see if you can drive safely, so if you suddenly find you don’t know what the speed limit is, or you’re not sure if you’re allowed to cross the central reservation, you risk a serious fault and failure.

Keep checking out your theory until test day, because you never know when you might need it.

Play To The Whistle

You may think you’ve committed an unforgivable sin when you’re on your test but remember: You are not the examiner. It’s ultimately up to the examiner whether a fault is serious or not, so don’t give up hope if you think you made a mistake.

Similarly, they’re looking to see if you can cope with driving safely, and sometimes mistakes happen. If you stall or go the wrong way, as long as you keep driving safely and with due care and attention, you may still pass.

Don't Forget Your Theory

Take Your Time

When you’re there on test day, in the car and under pressure, every second feels like an hour.

But for everyone else, time is passing normally, so remember not to rush. You may want to get your manoeuvres out of the way early or show confidence with your speed, but going unnecessarily quickly can open yourself up to risk and potential mistakes.

If in doubt, it’s always better to wait and see, hang back and go slowly than to take a risk that might put you in a dangerous situation, or fail your test completely.

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