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Don’t Trust Just Anyone – The Essential Requirements For Your Driving Instructor

Finding the right driving instructor is crucial to having a positive learning experience and ultimately passing your test. But with so many options online and on the high street, how do you select someone qualified to get you road-ready? We’ll reveal the key things to check before booking lessons with just any old teacher.   Approved […]

The Challenges Of Learning To Drive

The Challenges Of Learning To Drive

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – Fred DeVito As human beings, we all face adversity at some point in our lives. Adversity can come in many forms, whether it be a personal loss, a financial setback, or a health issue. However, it is important to recognise that adversity can also be […]

What Do I Need To Start Learning To Drive

What Do I Need To Start Learning To Drive

It’s an exciting milestone in your life – beginning the process of taking driving lessons is the start of some real independence. It’s an event that you might have looked forward to for some time. Many of us see learning to drive as the key to other things, such as being able to get to the job we want more easily or visiting family and friends who don’t live close to us.

Information and tips for learner drivers in lockdown

Mark Barclay, automotive expert from GSF Car Parts, explains the lockdown rules affecting learner drivers and shares his tips for continuing to learn while restrictions are in place. For the latest coronavirus advice and guidelines, please see the Government website. The coronavirus crisis has affected our lives in many ways, and while cancelled driving lessons […]

Choosing The Right Driving Instructor In 2020

Choosing The Right Driving Instructor In 2020

The average learner needs around 45 hours worth of driving lessons before they pass their test. That’s 45 hours spent with your driving instructor, so choosing somebody that you feel comfortable with is very important. If you have a bad driving instructor, it may take you a lot longer than 45 hours before you are […]

6 Things To Ask Yourself Before Learning To Drive

Learning to drive in London is the ultimate step in gaining independence and freedom. It is also a great responsibility to take on, so before you take off and hit the open road, here are 6 essential things to consider. 1. The cost There’s no other way to put it, driving is expensive and depending […]

5 Tips To Save Money When Learning To Drive

Learning to drive can be seriously expensive. Most hourly rates are priced at over £20, meaning multiple lessons can leave you severely out of pocket. Here are five top tips for saving cash as you earn that precious license. 1. Practise between lessons with a friend or relative Keep in mind you’ll need learner insurance […]

Why Automatic Cars Are Better For New Drivers

Automatic cars have seen a massive increase in popularity in recent years, with more vehicles being manufactured and more people choosing them over manual. With the increased investment in automatic self-driving cars, the rise of the automatic looks set to continue and new drivers are being encouraged to choose them over a manual vehicle. If […]