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Tips For Turning Right At A Busy Junction In Kingston Upon Thames

Tips For Turning Right At A Busy Junction In Kingston Upon Thames

Driving around busy areas such as Kingston Upon Thames can be a daunting prospect, but as long as you take care, stay alert and keep your wits about you, you will be safe. We know that, for new drivers, turning right at junctions can seem tricky and hope that our top tips will help you feel a little more confident behind the wheel.

Essentially, it’s all about being aware of what’s happening around you and making sure you’ve got your timings right.

1. Spot the turn as early as possible

Being prepared is the key here. Remain observant while driving and keep an eye out for any right turn road signs. It is also a good idea to look out for gaps in houses, parked cars or trees too, as these may mean a right turn is coming up.

2. Follow the MSPSL routine

MSPSL means mirror, signal, position, speed, look. By following this routine in the appropriate time frame, you will ensure that you know exactly what is going on around you and that you make it clear it other drivers what your intentions are.

Accidents largely happen as a result of surprises or unexpected movements, so the important thing is to minimise any of these.

3. Be aware of hazards

The good thing about turning right is that you have a wide view of the road you are intending to turn down, which means it will be easy to spot any potential hazards. The main hazards to watch out for are, of course, pedestrians and cyclists.

With cyclists, you need to be particularly aware spatially and do not overtaken on their right unless you are completely sure there is room. Remember, it is always better to be held up than to knock someone over!

4. Get your point of turn spot on

If you misjudge your point of turn when turning right, you may find yourself either hitting the curb or driving into the wrong lane, both of which can be very dangerous. If you are too eager and take the turn too soon, you will cut the corner which, as well as being a huge risk, will cause you to fail your driving test.

During the MSPSL routine, make sure you line your car up with the centre of the road you are planning to turn down. This should eliminate the chance of you ending up too far on either side.

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