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Areas In Surrey To Practise Driving

Areas In Surrey To Practise Driving

When learning to drive, the more practice you can get, the better. Before heading out to practise your driving lessons in Surrey, it’s best to plan the route that you will take.

Good route planning will help any learner to drive more accurately and with less mistakes. It will also help avoid any undue stress all around. No driver or learner wants to end up in an argument with their learner or teacher, and undue stress due to bad route planning is one sure way to do this.

When planning your route, you don’t have to be overly organised – just practise in places where you feel comfortable and can easily do key manoeuvres, such as reversing and clutch control.

If you choose a route which is too busy, you may find you come across impatient drivers who will make you feel nervous. In this situation, learners are more prone to making mistakes, such as stalling the engine.

Areas to practice driving in Surrey

In Aldershot, the Rushmoor arena is an ideal area for learner drivers to practise. In fact, it’s where some instructors take their students for their first lessons. There is plenty of room for practising different manoeuvres. It has a good circuit, a roundabout and a few hills to practise clutch control and corners to practise turns and reversing.

In Guildford, Surrey, Slyfield Industrial Estate is a good public road with plenty of lay-by areas, but the Driving Test Centre is actually situated there too, meaning that the learner will be practising on some of the official driving test routes.

It’s a good idea for any learner to spend some time practising on the roads which could eventually make up part of their test. For example, if you do take your driving test from the Driving Test Centre in Guildford, you will be taken on quite a few challenging roads. So, it’s probably a good idea to have a look at the Guildford Driving Test Routes, before you go out on a lesson.

If you’re not yet sure which test centre you will be taking your driving test from, you can find your nearest test centre and study the different test routes on the government’s website http://www.dft.gov.uk/fyn/practical.php.

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