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What To Expect On Your Driving Test In Morden

What To Expect On Your Driving Test In Morden

Although many learner drivers view taking their driving test as a nerve-racking experience, if you are properly prepared for your test, there isn’t anything to fear. However, if you have a good idea of what to expect on your driving test in Morden, it can help put your mind at rest on the big day.

When you arrive at the Morden Driving Test Centre, the examiner will introduce themselves, then ask to see your provisional driving licence and possibly your test booking details and Theory Test Pass Certificate. If you are using your own car, you will sign an insurance declaration form, after which the examiner will ask if you would like to have your driving instructor accompany you on your test. 

Following this, the formal test will begin. The examiner will test your eyesight, ask you two ‘show me, tell me’ questions, and check the condition of your car. Once they are satisfied that everything is OK, the driving portion of the test will start. The test will last for about 35 minutes and during this time you should drive to your best ability, and be able to understand and follow all traffic signs and road markings.

The examiner will ask you to set off in your own time, and to follow the road ahead unless they ask you to turn. During the driving portion of your test, the examiner will take you on a route that will test your ability to manage road systems such as roundabouts, crossroads, junctions, one-way systems, and different speed limits. They will also ask you to complete at least one of the four test manoeuvres (turn in the road, bay parking, parallel parking and reverse around a corner). Your examiner may also ask you to perform an uphill start or emergency stop. If this is the case, they will let you know beforehand.

Following this, you will be asked to complete the independent driving portion of your test. This tests your ability to follow directions and lasts for about ten minutes. After this is complete, the examiner will ask you to drive back to the test centre, where they will let you know whether you have passed or failed your test.

Just remember, all practical driving tests follow a standard format, and everything you come across on your test will be something that you’ve already performed multiple times during the course of your driving lessons. Good luck!


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