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Why Apply To Work As A Driving Instructor?

Why Apply To Work As A Driving Instructor?

If you are toying with the idea of working as a driving instructor, here are some valid reasons why you should consider this career over other similar types of work.

You get to be your own boss working as a driving instructor

This means that you can set your own hours of work to fit in with your lifestyle. Other types of driving or vehicle-related jobs are much less flexible, where working schedules might be dictated by timetables, routes or delivery arrangements.

Working as a driving instructor offers decent rates of pay

Once you have built up a solid reputation you can command good hourly rates, and you don’t need to work many hours each day to achieve a healthy income. Most other driving careers don’t pay as well, and longer hours need to be put in to earn similar rates of pay.

Opportunities for development

Career progression can be limited in many driving-related jobs, but working as a driving instructor offers you more scope, if you want to expand your career options. You could set up your own driving school, train driving instructors or conduct safe driving courses to fleet or company drivers.

Job satisfaction

Teaching people to drive can provide immense satisfaction compared to other types of jobs where you instruct or train someone. Knowing that you have provided expert driving tuition can play a role in road safety and even help to save lives.


Many types of driving jobs can be lonely, where you spend lots of time on the road at the mercy of traffic jams, accidents or poor weather conditions. Driving instructors usually stay local when providing tuition, so they won’t be exposed to the same extent of traffic hold ups or delays as some other driving jobs. It’s also a social type of job, where you get to meet different people.

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