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5 Top Tips For Remembering Your Traffic Signs!

You’ve received your shiny new provisional driver’s licence and you’re ready for your theory test… or are you? Here are our top five tips to help you recognise all the important traffic signs and ace it the first time around!

Pay attention to red borders

Understanding the shape and colour of traffic signs can help you know what you are supposed to do.

One of the most important rules to know is that circular signs with red borders mean ‘Do not do this!’ or ‘This is not allowed here!’

If you see a bicycle inside a circle with a red border, you should immediately know that cycling is not allowed. Learn this rule and quickly recognise these important safety signs!

Remember the upside down triangle

There are also a few non-triangular signs giving orders, such as the ‘Stop’ sign, but the most common is the upside down triangle.

If you see this topsy-turvy sign, you should immediately recognise that you are being instructed to ‘give way’.

Look out for warning signs

Another rule that is helpful to learn is that most warning signs are triangular. If you see an aeroplane in a triangle, you’re being warned that aircraft could be flying low.

This handy tip will give you plenty of time to anticipate hazards and follow instructions promptly.

Directions have colours

Another handy guide when you’re learning to drive is to recognise the colours of direction signs.

If you come up to a roundabout and see a large green sign, you know that you are being told about primary routes. Similarly, if you are travelling on the motorway, all of your signs will be bright blue. When you exit, you might then see white for local signs, and brown for tourist information.

Memorise this handy guide and you will be able to navigate around the country easily!


Don’t make assumptions

Lastly, the most important tip to ace your theory test is not to assume that all traffic signs are obvious! Put in the time now to memorise the Highway Code traffic signs section and don’t get caught out.

Often, traffic signs can mean the opposite of what you might assume instinctively. Would you know that a circular sign with red and black cars meant no overtaking if you didn’t first study?

Hit the books to pass first time!

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