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Understanding the Difference Between Majors and Minors in Driving Tests

When preparing for a practical driving test, one of the most common queries learner drivers have is the differences between major and minor driving faults, often referred to as ‘majors’ and ‘minors’. Understanding the difference between these is crucial for anyone wanting to pass their driving test the first time around. In this post, we […]

Don’t Trust Just Anyone – The Essential Requirements For Your Driving Instructor

Finding the right driving instructor is crucial to having a positive learning experience and ultimately passing your test. But with so many options online and on the high street, how do you select someone qualified to get you road-ready? We’ll reveal the key things to check before booking lessons with just any old teacher.   Approved […]

Driving Instructors: The Unsung Heroes of the Road

Driving Instructors: The Unsung Heroes of the Road

Many of us who drive cars can agree that we’ve been in a close call with another driver at least once. It is therefore imperative that we learn the basics of safe driving. For tips about what you can do to become a better driver, read on in this article. Stick to the speed limit […]

How To Pass Your Driving Test

How To Pass Your Driving Test

Your driving test is a watershed moment in your life when you finally become mobile and are able to get around on your own. Getting it right first time is the ultimate goal, so what can you do to increase your chances? here at Wimbledon Driving School, we’ve come up with some top tips. Don’t […]

How To Bay Park In 5 Easy Steps

How To Bay Park In 5 Easy Steps

The UK driving test includes observing your ability to reverse safely. To test that skill, reverse parking into a bay is one of four different manoeuvres that the examiner can choose to give you. Being able to reverse park into a marked bay is a valuable driving skill anyway. It is one you may well […]

Why Are Local Driving Instructors Best?

When you’re learning to drive you need to find a good instructor, preferably one who knows your area. This might sound obvious – surely all driving instructors are ‘local’? You might be surprised to find that isn’t necessarily true. Of course, driving instructors aren’t going to be from that far away – it wouldn’t really […]

ADI Training: The First Steps To Take

Become A Driving Instructor

There are countless benefits to pursuing a career as a driving instructor. You can be your own boss, with flexible working hours and, if you go independent, the chance to set your own rates. You can choose from a wide variety of companies to work for, with the ability to move anywhere in the country. […]

Taxi Drivers Becoming Driving Instructors

Why Becoming A Driving Instructor Has More Benefits Than Being A Taxi Driver For a long time, becoming a taxi driver seemed like the obvious choice of career for someone who was interested in being on the roads for a living, with the job offering flexible hours and the chance to meet people from all […]