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Have you ever experience when your car brakes are coming to an end?  The noise, the smell and the squeaking sounds seem unbearable. Does this sound common to you when your brakes need changing.  Applying pressure to the pedal can be difficult as you are unable to stop the car.  The next thing you may have to do is gently try coming to a stop because if not you may end up crashing into another vehicle or an object.

The explosion of social media has undoubtedly garnered major interest from numerous businesses and in turn, massively increased both client engagement and loyalty. With Facebook and Twitters 900 million and 200 million users respectively, social media nowadays plays a crucial role in any marketing campaign that aims to increase brand awareness and website traffic.With only 42,000 registered driving instructors in the UK, executing an effective social media strategy could dramatically increase your clientele.Here’s an overview of what you can do on social media to help boost your reach.

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