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Possible Surbiton Driving Test Routes

When you’re learning to drive in Surbiton, your instructor will do all he or she can to take you out on the routes you’re likely to encounter on your driving test.

When you’re learning to drive in Surbiton, your instructor will do all he or she can to take you out on the routes you’re likely to encounter on your driving test. Although driving lessons can never truly replicate the conditions of a test, it can be useful for candidates to know roughly where they’re going to be asked to go.

In recent years, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have tried to crack down on this practice, refraining from publishing test routes so that, effectively, candidates are going into their tests blind.

However, test routes are unlikely to have changed drastically from when they were last published. To help you out, we’ve compiled this handy guide, detailing the different routes – and the potential hazards they entail – you could be asked to take during your test. Take a look, and make sure you practise the tough areas beforehand!

If you’re learning to drive in Surbiton, it’s likely that your driving test will start at Tolworth Test Centre. From the test centre, you have two choices:

If you’re asked to turn left…

You’ll be driving on one of six different routes. Each of these involves driving on an A-road, whether it’s the busy A3 leading up to the Tolworth Underpass, or the A309 Kingston bypass. Some routes entail driving on both the A3 and the A309, merging close to Hook Road. All routes include at least one major roundabout, with some of the tougher to negotiate being The Broadway, Hook Road and Claygate Lane.

You’ll always be leaving and entering Tolworth Test Centre via Douglas Road, where there tends to be lots of parked cars, so keep an eye out for oncoming traffic, whether you’re emerging on Ewell Road, turning on to Dennan Road or venturing a little further down to Tolworth Park Road.

If you’re asked to turn right…

You’ll be covering one of two routes. The first of these routes will take you to the Hook Road roundabout, where you’ll be asked to take the third exit on to the busy A309. Later, you’ll confront another roundabout at Effingham Road before navigating mini roundabouts on Brighton Road and Langley Avenue. A crossroads at Dennan Road is then all that stands between you and the test centre.

The second route passes Dennan Road early on, although the crossroads is missed out (you’ll face one later on Hamilton Avenue). Villiers Avenue poses a teaser at first with its mini roundabout, while it’s likely you’ll face plenty of other drives on either Surbiton Crescent or Maple Road, where traffic lights dictate the flow of vehicles. You’ll probably be asked to undertake a manoeuvre on one of the side roads, before a number of simple left turns bring you out on to Langley Avenue. Again, mini roundabouts could pose a problem, but this route involves a lot of left turns, something you should be comfortable with by now.

Your instructor should have you familiar with Surbiton’s most difficult roundabouts, junctions and road stretches before your test – if not, it might be worth booking a few extra lessons. Good luck!

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