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What does it take to be a great driving instructor?

If you're looking for a new career that involves all of these things and is enjoyable and rewarding, consider becoming a driving instructor.

Do you consider yourself to be calm, patient and sensitive?

Would you like to help people to build essential life skills that will take them far in life and dramatically increase their confidence and independence?

If you’re looking for a new career that involves all of these things and is enjoyable and rewarding, consider becoming a driving instructor.

Passed With Wimbledon Driving SchoolHere at Wimbledon Driving School, we pride ourselves on having the very best instructors out there, who achieve excellent results from our students. Therefore our training won’t just provide you with the basics you’ll need to be a driving instructor; it will project you to the top of your field to excel as a teacher and maximise your employment potential.

We want you to feel as supported and comfortable whilst training to become an instructor as your pupils will feel making their first moves from behind the wheel.

We will therefore offer you full guidance and friendly support, from the start of your course to your very first pupil.

In order to become a great driving instructor, there are some fundamental elements, from the training you receive, to your own patience and perseverance.

Below, we have collated some of our top tips that will help you to become an exceptional driving instructor, with the help of Wimbledon Driving School.

“Do you consider yourself to be calm, patient and sensitive?”

Have an exceptional tutor

Whilst you might be confident that you are a fantastic driver yourself, trying to teach others the absolute fundamental rules of the road is something different altogether.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you are taught how to be an exceptional driving instructor by a highly qualified trainer.

A lot of trainers out there haven’t done a test themselves since they did their own Part 2, and it is therefore likely that their own standards have slipped a little.

At Wimbledon Driving School, we have instructor trainers who have attained the highest driving qualifications in the UK and, as a result, are able to give you the best possible advice to set you on your way to becoming the very best too.

What Makes a Good Driving Instructor?
What Makes a Good Driving Instructor?

Be calm, collected and careful

Although anyone who is over 21 who has no criminal convictions and / or previous driving disqualifications can become a driving instructor, it does take a certain type of person to really excel.

Students can often get very stressed when they are learning to drive, so it really is crucial that you are able to stay calm and collected, to reassure them and keep them composed when they’re on the roads.

You also need to be really empathetic. Students can often become frustrated and down heartened if they don’t feel like they are progressing as quickly as they should be. It’s your job to bring out the best in them whilst being sensitive to their moods and feelings and make sure that they are moving at a pace that is comfortable and safe for them.

There may also be times when you have to reign in overconfident new drivers and make sure that they are really competent in each field before they can move on.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you start to see your pupils’ confidence grow and they move onto new challenges.

Be prepared to learn yourself

Finally, when learning to become a driving instructor, it is important that you are open to learning new things yourself.

Our trainers are never patronising and will help you to grow to become the most versatile and qualified instructors out there, which will massively increase your earning potential.

Here at Wimbledon Driving School, we have a free, hour-long aptitude test that every potential instructor candidate must undertake before their training can commence.

This has two benefits. It means that we ensure we are taking on only dedicated and brilliant potential instructors, so we can give our time more generously to these people, rather than accepting every candidate that applies.

It also gives you a free opportunity to check that driving instruction is a route that you want to go down before you commit to your training.

So make the first steps today to becoming a fantastic driving instructor and get in touch with the Wimbledon Driving School today.

Job satisfaction and a prolific new career are only an enquiry away.


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